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Friends page!!

Meet Me!
Friends page!!
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Meet them in the flesh?

Meet Henry!


18 yrs. old shy type and very formal and take note his a very religious person he likes to play but not as much as yvan and he can be some you can rely on!!!

Meet Yvan!


17 yrs. old boy thats a little too kid for college and sometimes he is mistaken for a 3 or 4th graded hehehe too bad for him but in the inside he's just a boy who wants to play and play and play get what i mean!!!

Meet Leo!


a 19 yrs. old guy who's a friend of us 3 but unfortunately he's always late or don't even show up to our gigs shheessssshhhhh and he expects us to understand him goshh that guy he likes basketball and off course girls thats all i can say about him though!!


these are my freinds from school click the friends 2 for more aiyt!!!